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Feb 24, 2013 10:00am EST
final time at the vatican. incredible pictures this morning as you look at the crowd. peggy, you're also following this, as we get closer to concave, lingering squanl over sexual abuse, which is part of the conversation as well. what do you see right now? >> this is so interesting to me. we have never in 6 or 800 years had a moment like this. people keep saying to me, what do you think the conclave will do. what will the college of cardinals do? i say not only do i not know, of course, but they don't know. we're in some new territory here with the papacy. they have had more time to think about what they want and without an overlay of mourning for the last guy, if you will, to help direct their thoughts. on the scandals, i sure hope that cardinal mahoney of los angeles, roger mahoney, who has been involved in this very recently documented horrible, horrible long-term scandal while he was cardinal in los angeles, i think it would be wonderful to see a cardinal to show humility and modesty and self-sacrifice and not go and bring the overlay of that scandal with him. >> let us switch ge
Feb 11, 2013 3:00am PST
news out of the vatican where it was announced moments ago that pope benedict xvi will resign, he will resign effective february 28 of this year. nbc's bureau chief located in rome joins us on the phone. what can you it tell us? >> reporter: good morning, matt. yes, it came as a shock, of course, for all of us and are for the billions of catholics around the world. i mean, i just got confirmation of that news from the senior adviser who said that he made that speech, the pope made the speech in latin this morning, during a relatively small event, for the cannonization in the reswrr region of the south. he said he just doesn't have the strength anymore. this came as a shock because the pope has a right to resign. nobody has before him he especiy that it comes off john paul ii a man who at 85 wasn't even able to walk and neither speak really, was mumbling towards the end of his life. and pope benedict saying i just don't have it anymore. i don't have the strength anymore to bear my mission to carry on the catholic church. >> claudio, is there concern or is there some speculation that the
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)